Wednesday, January 03, 2007

R.C.'s 2006 Review

2006..... what a year. I accomplished some things I never dreamed would happen. Winning the AWA World Heavyweight Title, having fans from all over the globe knowing my name and my story. Just a year that couldn't have went any better. But of course, with all the great things I had going on, I had to deal with a lot of issues on the side that bothered my positive outlook on things for quite some time. I had to figure out that true friends are very hard to come by after having some guys that were very close to me decide that they didn't need to keep me around any longer because they were finished using me. From discovering that certain groups of people(haters) will unfairly describe you to the masses who may not know any better as "mediocore" when they themselves know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the true meaning of professional wrestling and would never step into the ring themselves to see what really goes on in there because they have no real heart or talent to do anything, except sit infront of there computer and point out meaningless little things that shouldn't even be an issue to a TRUE fan that has come to the show to get lost in the emotion and feel it. And of course, after winning the AWA World Title, this same group then wanted to start giving some praise to Ric Converse for accomplishing something that wasn't supposed to happen, and now wanted me to grant them an interview for there wanna-be smartmark bulls*** site. No thanks.

I've been asked by a number of fans what I believe is the best match I've had this year. Whew, that's a tough one this time around, because I was very lucky to be in the ring with some great talent this year. I had expected good matches with guys like Steve Corino, Xsiris, Takao Omori, Tracy Smothers, Dustin Rhodes(Goldust), and K.C. McKnight just to name a few. But then there were matches that weren't built up much, but ended up surprising the fans(and myself) with how they came off. The first match I had for the year was the first week of January against Bobby Houston in Newton, NC, and was one of my personal top favorites for the year. We went first match, 20 minute time limit draw, first time we had ever faced each other, and had the crowd the whole time. I feel I had a nice string of matches with Marcellus King in March that were very entertaining. Of course you can't forget the return of the "Dynasty" in June to face the "new Dynasty"(now known as Destiny) which brought a awesome feeling out of me personally because I missed the old days from a few years back when myself, Brad Attitude, Brad Rainz and Krissy Vaine(the only female ever in Dynasty) had our push together. A nice little feud started from literally nothing more than internet hype between myself and "Mr. Mid-Atlantic" Damian Wayne, which has had us face off twice, with one of those matches back in October bringing me to a promotion that I had always wanted to wrestle for, NWA-Virginia. But if I have to pick my favorite match of the year, then it was the match I had this past Saturday night, December 30th, for CWF Mid-Atlantic at there annual "Battlecade" event(this one being there seventh anniversary event) against the "Imfamous Icon" Joey Silvia for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship. It was a match that was built up for an entire year(which I LOVE because that's what makes a big match special), and from the feedback I've received so far, we delivered on the all the hype behind it. It all just seemed to come together. The remarkable video package directly before our match that recapped the story of myself and Joey, the drawn out entrances, the pace of the match, the excitement in the crowd.... it was just special, and I'm glad that I could be apart of that match. And I'll go on record right now and say that of all the matches that I've had in the 9 years I've been in the sport, this is, in my opinion, the best match I've ever had.

Sunday night was New Years Eve, which meant going downtown in Greensboro and hitting up Inferno. Fun times with the regular crew, and a few special new friends added to the mix that I was very glad to have with us. With 2006 as nice as it was, I really am curious to see if I can top it in 2007. I know I have the drive to top it. Yes, there will be hard worked involved, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Converse, OUT!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Was It All A Dream

One year ago today, I wrestled the "King of Old-School" Steve Corino for the first time. He was the AWA World Heavyweight Champion at the time, and this was my first shot at the AWA World Heavyweight Title. I remember being so excited for many different reasons. This was my first time ever getting a chance to wrestle for a legitimate World Title, not to mention that I knew that a good performance in this match could possibly make some waves for me outside of North Carolina just for hanging step for step with Steve Corino. I understood the importance of this match. All day before I got to the arena I was split between excitement and feeling like I may loose my lunch at any time. Never the less, I showed up ready as I could be, knowing that I was only gonna get one real shot to impress. Once the match started, I could feel that everything was going real well. The crowd was hot from the start, and stayed that way the whole match. Steve Corino ended up getting the win in the match, with help from one of his trainies Ricky Landell. But even though I lost the match, I won something that doesn't come easy: respect. Once word got back to AWA President Dale Gagne that I had a good match with Corino, he finally popped in the DVD that I personally gave him when we first met a few months earlier. From that point, it was still about proving myself to everyone that makes the decisions on which wrestlers get title shots and advanced exposer, letting them know that I was capable of doing more if given the chance.

So for the next 6 months or so, I was pretty much "tested" to see if I was just a flash in the pan that night wrestling Steve Corino for the AWA World Heavyweight Title, or if I was worth the extra effort of promoting the name Ric Converse to a worldwide audience. After strongly finishing up my feud with the AWA/CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens in a cage match in December at Battlecade VI and regaining the AWA/CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship for the third time, I was instantly booked to for a return match with Steve Corino for the AWA World Heavyweight Title on Janurary 28th, 2006. But once it came match time for Corino and myself on the 28th, there was one problem: Corino had been defeated for the AWA World Heavyweight Title 7 days earlier in Japan by Takao Omori. So now I was loosing my second chance at the AWA World Title, and the AWA/CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion that I had won a month before would be on he line in our match now. The crowd was in riot form that night on the 28th, just knowing I was gonna get screwed again by Steve Corino and now not only having lost my World Title Shot, I was now gonna loose the AWA/CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion too. After going back and forth in what ,in my opinion, was the best match I've ever had, I hooked Corino in my finisher, the "Ric-ter Scale", and got the 1, 2, 3 to a huge ovation from the crowd. So here again, I had proven myself to the powers that be in the AWA. After a few months, I was informed that I would finally be getting my second shot at the AWA World Heavyweight Title in Indianapolis, Indiana against Takao Omori. Now you wanna talk about nervous, this one takes the cake! I'd never wrestled anyone from Japan, so I didn't know what to expect. The match was held at the Indianapolis Speedrome, with a little over 1000 fans coming out to support and enjoy the show. I made my way out for the main event match, with the whole crowd on my side urging me on to win the AWA World Heavyweight Title and bring it home to the USA. At about the 10 minute mark in he contest, I rush Omori in the corner, and he pulls the ref infront of him to avoid the forearm blow I was intending to nail him with, causing me to crush (and I mean CRUSH) this poor ref's nose, breaking it in the process. So with blood all over the ring from the ref's nose, we continue the match, and Steve Corino and Ricky Landell, who were also on the show, decide to rush the ring in a attempt to make me loose the match. Corino picks me up, holding me wide open for Takao Omori to deliver his patented "Axe Bomber" clothesline, but at the last second, I roll out of the way, Corino gets nailed, and when Omori turns his attention back to me, he goes for "Axe Bomber" again, but I counter it with a Fujiwar armbar attempt, he rolls thru trying to get out of it, but I fall to my hip, reach back and hook his leg midway thru his roll, having him pinned as the ref crawls over right in time to count to 3, and I am now the World Heavyweight Champion for the American Wrestling Association..... UNREAL!!! The crowd explodes, and I am in shock that I had just added my name to a list of wrestlers that I had looked up to since I was 8 years old. This was without a doubt, the biggest reward that I could have ever received for the 8+ years of work that I had put in.

Fast forward one year now, September 17th, 2006. I'm the AWA World Heavyweight Champion. I have been traveling all over the place defending the title and building a following everywhere that I go. My goal right now is to help build up the AWA and myself, and I feel that I am progressing well at that goal. What a year it has been....... not too bad for a 8 year old boy from the Morningside section of Winston-Salem, NC with a dream to make a mark in his chosen field, and making it happen 18 years later against a lot of odds.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

2005 Personal Highlights

2005 for me was a year w/ a lot of emotional twists and turns. I had to deal w/ some situations that I never thought i'd have to, and I also got some chances to show what I am capable of in the ring. One highlight I had was a match that in my personal opinion was the best match I've ever had for a number of reasons, and it was the main event of the CWF Supershow in Seagrove, NC on Feb. 5th, 2005. It pitted myself against Brad Attitude for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title. The build-up for this match was really good, with 2 friends that have always been by eachothers side having a falling-out over the drive to be the #1 guy. It meant a lot to me to be apart of this match. I was in the main event of one of the biggest shows that we would have in NC for the year w/ my good friend and a great story behind it. I feel we both showed that we could come out of our usual "shell" of what is expected of us in a match and wrestle about any style that is asked of us. This is my favorite match I've ever had by far..... thanks "Atty".

September brought a HUGE chance for me to skyrocket my name to the whole world when I went one on one w/ Steve Corino for the AWA World Heavyweight Title in Burlington, NC. This was my first time wrestling Steve, as well as my first shot at the AWA World Title. We had a match that was exactly what it should have been, old-school w/ some flash thrown in when needed, great story told. Steve has done a lot to help promote me since this match, and I am very thankful for it all. I see a lot of rematches w/ Corino coming in my future, and eventually, I see me w/ that World Title!!!

In November, another opportunity for a great highlight came when I had the former 7-time NWA Heavyweight Champion "Handsome" Harley Race in my corner for a match w/ Jake Manning in Statesville, NC for the CWA. Harley was so cool to all the guys in the back, never once acting like he was so much better than anyone because of all he's done. He explained a lot to us about how to get everything you can out of a match and the crowd without killing yourself. It was a tremendous honor to have him in my corner that night.

December brought Battlecade VI for CWF Mid-Atlantic in Burlington, NC, and the first ever cage match in the 6 years of the CWF. Now if you wanna talk about a build for a match, then this is a classic case of drawing everything out of a feud that you can. This situation w/ myself and Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens started in Janurary of 2005 and went on the entire year w/ the crowd still very much behind it and biting into everything we gave them. I had done cage matches before, but never one on one or w/ an entire climax of a feud riding on it, so the pressure was there to deliver. People can think what they want of Garry Stevens, but he can make a match w/ his ability to get the crowd involved, and that's something that seems to be missing in a lot of matches these days. I enjoyed the entire ride thru the year w/ ya "Trucker", and I'm sure we'll hook it up again before it's all said and done! And know matter what anyone says or thinks, Ric Converse vs. Garry Stevens was THE feud of the year, and if you don't believe me, ask the fans which feud sticks out in there minds...

I'm looking forward to all that 2006 may bring to me. If things keep going the way they are, then I'll be traveling a lot more than I ever have this year, maybe even getting to travel overseas for the first time ever!!! I can't wait to see what happens! That's it for now, and thanks to everyone who helped support "Slick Diddy" all year long.....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stone Cold Returns.... To Kinston???

On Sept. 27th I was at a show in Kinston, NC ran by Bobby Fulton. I road down w/ Mikael Yamaha, Amber O'Neal & Shane "Hurricane" Helms. It was nice to travel w/ them all again, it took me back to all the fun times and interesting conversations we used to have when we would take those long rides to Tenn. and Ohio, great times. Anyway, I was teaming up w/ Brad Thomas, and when we were in the ring and being introduced, I heard something I couldn't believe..... "Here is the team of Brad Thomas and Ric "STONE COLD" Converse!!"....... I could not believe it. I looked over at Shane and he just burried his head in laughter. Where in the hell did they get the idea to call me Stone Cold?!? So I did what anyone being called Stone Cold would have done in this situation, I threw up the 2-finger salute! Match was ok, until one of the guys on the other team bailed on my dropkick in my comeback, then when he did finally go down, he couldn't get up cuz he was too fat. I tried to pick him up 3 times and he couldn't get his balance, so I had to pull him up by the hair on his head the 4th time. Aftermatch activities included a stop at Applebee's w/ some good laughs and catching up on the latest news.

October 1st CWF Mid-Atlantic held it's annual Rumble show in Burlington, NC. I always look forward to this show every year, it's a lot of fun. I started #2 out of 30. I accidentally eliminated my friend the American Steel Ninja when I kicked him in the face when Julius Augustus ducked out of the way. My former Dynasty partner Brad Attitude was also in the Rumble, we helped eachother out when we needed, then we went at eachother's throats when we got the chance. It's weird like that w/ me and Attitude, we have a very strange relationship these days.... We won't let anyone else attack the other person, but we'll attack eachother. Maybe one day things will be like the old days, back when the Dynasty ruled the Mid-Atlantic, but a lot of things would have to be talked out before that could happen. I ended up winning the Rumble and getting a shot at any CWF Title I choose, so the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens better look out!!

I wrestled for the CWA out of Statesville, NC on Friday Oct. 14th. I wrestled a guy who called himself The 13th Floor(why, I have no idea). Nice group of guys up there that wanna do some very cool things w/ me. They set up a match with me and there Intercontinental Champion "Mr .Elite" Jake Manning for Thursday November 17th in Statesville. Manning will have his manager Ty Dillinger in his corner, and i'll have my manager for the night... 7-Time NWA Heavyweight Champion "Handsome" Harley Race!!! The next night I was back w/ CWF Mid -Atlantic in Burlington, NC against Gregory Vercetti. Hopefully this match will make it to TV unlike our last one in July.

This past Saturday Oct. 29th I attended the wedding of one of my best buddies "G'd Up" Joey Silvia and Bobbi-Jo "Persephonie" Collins in Virgina. A great time at the reception.... I had waaayyy to many glasses of wine, and the American Steel Ninja seemed to attend the prom he never had!! This Saturday, it's "The Prince Of Punk" Shannon Moore vs. "Slick Diddy" Ric Converse at the National Guard Armory in Elkin, NC so be sure to come check it out!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

September Update

I'm sitting here listening to my "Macho Man" Randy Savage CD and decided it's time for a new blog entry, so her we go........

My website is FINALLY ready to be opened. It will be open this Friday, so check out!!

Just wanna give a quick R.I.P. to Scott "Roc Roberts" Hartman who passed away on Aug. 13th, 2005. I met him my first day I walked into Ken Spence's School of Pro Wrestling back in 1998. God bless his family in this time of loss.

September started w/ a match for WWA and my trainer Ken Spence in Statesville, NC at the Troutman County Fair. Had a fun and very old school match w/ Bobby Fulton wrestling as a masked arabian Shiek. He wanted to finish it w/ me hitting a Stone Cold Stunner followed directly by a Rock Bottom!! That was the first and last time i'll ever use those moves in a match.... unless I wrestle Bobby Fulton again! That was the third time i've wrestled Bobby, and I can honestly say that every time i've been in the ring w/ him, he's taught me something, and I hope to get to work w/ him again soon. Even though this fair show was fun, it made me reminisce about all the other times i'd been there years earlier, and how much things have changed. I'll just say that it was a long hour and a half ride home that night.

September 10th I was in Wentworth, NC for CWF Mid-Atlantic in a tag team match w/ Jesse Ortega against Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens & The Spoiler. Match was ok, we could've been better all the way around, but nothing to complain about, i'm just picky as hell when it comes to my matches and how they come off, but if the crowds into it(like they were), then that's all that matters, not what I think.

This past Saturday Sept. 17th, I got the chance to wrestle Steve Corino for the AWA World Heavyweight Title. This very well might have been the best match i've ever had. We wrestled for right at 40 minutes(which is the longest match i've ever had) and didn't loose the crowd once, which shocked me. The finished involved Corino's trainie Ricky Landell screwing me over when I had Corino pinned. I thought the crowd was gonna riot, this was real my friends! After the match, Corino learned that Landell indeed screwed me over, and he went off on Landell for interfering. Corino even went as far as handing me the title belt and proclaiming infront of the crowd that I was the "uncrowned" AWA World Heavyweight Champion. Corino is such a relaxed worker and VERY professional. He really helped to put me over infront of my hometown crowd, and i'm very gracious for that. Steve is awesome.

The next night, I was with RCW at Rider's In the Country against "The Diamond" K.C. McKnight. This was our first match against eachother. No complaints about this guy, he's a good heel. I was shocked when I found out how long he's been wrestling, which isn't even a year yet!! He's gonna go knowhere but up from where he is now, which means he's gonna be an impressive worker in a few short years... Thanks for the match K.C. This weekend i'll be w/ CWF Mid-Atlantic in Henderson, NC for the first time, so come see the show, later.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Catching Up....

I'm finally getting a chance to update on this blog, and this update is going back to before my last blog I wrote!! On May 14th, I was at the CWF Mid-Atlantic TV taping in Burlington, NC. I didn't wrestle due to my "injury", but I did an interview over the phone, which played over the sound system, and everyone thought I wouldn't be there. After the main event match finished, which featured the guy that inflicted this "injury" on me, my intro music hit, and I came running into the ring, and beat the hell out of the guy for about 30 seconds until the lockeroom seperated us, and the show ended on a hot note, which is always good. The after-match events involved alot of guys that the "Dynasty crew" doesn't get to kick it with too often, and it was a great time. J-Sinn, Matty D., Hugh B. Johnson, Donnie Dollars, Ultra Dragon, and Jeremy Ryan joined the regular crew for a night out on the town. Alot of laughs, especially at the 3AM IHOP dinner. Too bad they don't live closer, because we had a blast....... My return to the ring in the Carolina's following my "injury" was on May 20th in Greensboro at AC Fitness against "A Very Handsome Man" Mitch Conner. One of the first spots in the match involved Mitch hitting a bulldog on me, which resulted in a huge chunk of my tooth getting knocked out! A few other teeth got chipped on this bulldog, and I was spitting tooth particals out the rest of the match. It was my first time in the ring w/ Mitch, and it was a pleasure. He is a great addition to the NC indy scene, and he goes out of his way to make you look good in the ring. On May 28th, I was booked in Hardeeville, NC(like 10 mins. from Georgia), and got to work Chuck "Madd Maxx" Coates for the first time. Had an easy crowd and an entertaining match w/ him. Jimmy Hart was our ref for the match, which was awesome. Money Mike was running the show, which featured Lex Luger & Rick Steiner as the main event. Xsiris road down w/ me, and he had a good match too, and we were both happy because in addition to our pay for the match, we made some good money on gimmicks, which was nice. Money Mike treated us great, and myself and Xsiris look forward to doing buisness w/ him in the future.
June was a busy month, which started off w/ me getting to work another guy I hadn't climbed between the ropes w/ yet in Donnie Dollars. Fun TV match which served more purpose to keep me strong going into the big match against Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens at CWF Mid-Atlantic's Friday Night Fights. Wednesday June 15th I was at the Greensboro Coliseum locking it up again w/ Mitch Conner. Friday the 17th I was at ringside supporting the team of Rob McBride, Jesse Ortega and Brass Munkey at Ace Speedway in Altamahaw, NC. Referee Red Jones was fast-counting my team, so I decided to jump in the ring and lay him out w/ my finishing move, the "Ric-ter Scale". Huge crowd, and some legends on the show as well like Ivan Koloff, Johnny Weaver, Jimmy Valient and the Kernodles. Saturday the 18th was Pfafftown, NC, and a 6-man tag match. Fun stuff, just wish the crowd was better up there. Friday Night Fights rolled around on the 24th in Burlington, NC. The finish was a lil' bit screwed, but otherwise I was pretty happy. Brad Attitude made his return in my match, which went over great w/ the crowd. The possibilites are endless with what direction we can take this now that he's in the fold. Saturday the 25th was a second straight night in Burlington for me. I wrestled "Spotlight" Scotty Gash, and I really liked our match.
Finally got go wrestle Gregory Vercetti on July 9th. Alot of fun, very solid stuff, and J-Sinn at ringside always helps the entertainment factor. Friday Night Fights 2 happened last night, w/ the rematch of myself and Garry Stevens going down. This was a king of the road match, which was basically a scaled down lumberjack match. I couldn't walk too well today because I was thrown out of the ring one time and I didn't catch the rope to break my fall, but luckily the concreate floor did!!!! I lost the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title as well, so no i'm back on the hunt to get it back!
Woke up this morning to the sound of Trent Wylde talking to the police outside of my bedroom door.... typical situation over here at Hill Street!! I watched Million Dollar Baby on DVD tonight. That movie was GREAT. I highly recommend watching it. Alright, i'm done....... Converse out!!

Monday, May 30, 2005

This is it, Ric Converse finally has a website!!!! Alot of people kept asking why I didnt have a website yet..... I know it's been a long time coming, but better late than never. Along w/ the website, i've been turned onto this whole blog revolution that everyone and there momma is involved in, so i'll be letting some of my thoughts out when I feel it's needed, as well as keeping people up to par w/ anything I got going on in the great indy-wrestling world.

For this first entry, I wanna discuss the good and bad of the wrestling industry. Why does the wrestling buisness change people?? In some cases, it changes people for the better. Take someone who gets into wrestling first and foremost because they absolutely love it, period. Someone who's watched it since they were a young, impressionable child who needed something to help them dream. Help them to get away from something in there life that hurt there self-esteem, maybe from verbal or physical abuse at home or school, or in my case, being bullied and picked on for being a chubby kid. I used to walk to school alone, and everyday there were a few kids/teenagers(i was like 8 at the time) that would stop me, take my lunch out of my lunchbox, search my pockets for any money that my parents would give me, and call me names as they walked off laughing.... and I walked on to school, crying. Something like this will do one of two things to a kid: make them act exactly like the bullies thinking it's the only way to get respect, or make them want to be person who stands up for the right way of treating people and getting respect thru your actions...... enter HULK HOGAN!!! The first wrestler I ever saw on TV was the Hulkster. And he was just what I needed in my life at 8 years old and since I was in the kind of situation that Hogan always seemed to stand up for. After listening to Hogan and watching how he stood up to the big, mean , nasty Andre the Giant(and won), I decided it was time for me to do the same. I finally got the nerve to stand up to those bullies. One day I saw them coming towards me, and I was scared to death, but it was now or never. When one of them went for my pocket, I pulled away. They looked at me like "what? you know we can kick that face in dont you?!". And I knew they could, but I had enough..... in my mind, I was HULK HOGAN, and I was gonna do this for the right of any kid who was in my situation. The other kid grabbed at my lunchbox and i pulled it out of his hands. In all honesty, I was about to cry at this point, but I was standing up, and it must have worked, because they walked off(still calling me names), and I still had my lunch and $2 I got from mom. After that day, they didnt bother me anymore. They would glare at me like they might jump me at any time, but they never once again jacked me up in the middle of the road and took my stuff from me. And I owe that moment in my life to pro wrestling, because it helped change me in a way that I have never forgotten. I handled other situations in my life in the same manner as I got older, wrestling was the best thing that ever happened to me. I dreamed of the day I could just step thru the ropes of a ring and make this fantasy a reality. When I was 18, I finally got to start training to wrestle. This was it, my dream was coming true. I didnt care that it was in a VFW Hall, it was secondary. I was on top of the world, and couldn't wait to learn more. Wrestling was my passion, and in my mind, I was gonna be the best that I could....... I met some good people that helped me to understand and respect what I was getting into, and i'm very thankful for that.

Now for the bad..... Why do some people forget where they came from? Why do they start believing that there career or goals are more important than someone elses?? I've met soooo many people since that first day I started, I still see a few of the crew from the early days sometimes(very few), and when I do, it takes me back to those days when I just loved everything about the wrestling buisness, back to when I didnt see the bad yet. Over the last 2 years, I started seeing and hearing things from people that I knew or met when they were coming into the buisness, and some of it shocks the hell out of me. Some of it just plain out hurts my feelings, because I knew that other person that they once were, the person that the people that they meet today knows nothing about. Wrestling is a strong machine that can alter someones thinking if they let it, and make them forget right and wrong. It becomes an "anything goes" approach to try and make it to the top. People start thinking the only way to make it is to be out for yourself only, and step on anyone who gets in the way, friend or enemy. The same people that looked you in the face years earlier and was so happy to just get involved in wrestling, didnt matter where you were wrestling or if there was 10 people watching or 1000 watching, they just wanted to be part of the show, all of a sudden cant work for certain promotions because it's not gonna do anything to get them into the big league. I dont understand that. The way i see it, you should try to work w/ everyone you can(as long as they're not extremely reckless) whether they are super-green or a seasoned veteran, because you can learn just as much when you have to carry someone green as you can when a vet is carrying you. People start living there life in what I've termed the "wrestling fantasy world", acting as if they are now the character they portray infront of the crowd. It's sucks to see this happen. To loose friendship and trust because of a booking or reputation or a position. I was talking w/ a fellow wrestler recently about the way things are, and this guys been involved in wrestling for almost 20 years now, and he told me "it's not the buisness that sucks, it's the a--holes that get in it." I agree. Wrestling is a huge part of my life, but I know where it stands in my life. When this subject comes to my mind, I think of an all-time great in wrestling, Shawn Michaels. He was put in the top position for a long time, and did a outstanding job. Almost anyone will agree with that statement. But other wrestlers have said that he had a very bad reputation for a long time and was very easy to dislike because he walked around thinking he was a little bit better than others. He was since come out and admitted in numerous interviews and magazine articles that he was lost and didnt realize it. I enjoyed watching Shawn Michaels just like everyone, and admired his ability in a wrestling ring, but I like him even more now since he's been so vocal in the last few years about how he got caught in the "wrestling fantasy world" and forgot who he was. He has since changed his whole life around and you can truely see a difference in him, just listen to some of his interviews. When I got to meet him back in 2002, he seemed very down to earth, not like he thought he was so much better than anyone who was there to meet him, just happy that he was in the position that he was in and that everyone respected him for being himself. He's not scared or ashamed to openly admit to that the way he was before was wrong, and I think more of him for that than any wrestling match he's ever had. This is something that's been on my mind for a long time, and it's finally all coming out at once. Some of us can high-fly better than others, some can construct a match better, some just can bring excitement to a match without really trying... we all have our certain gifts that we've been given, respect them and don't forget that it can be gone in a second, all it takes is for someone to drop you wrong on a simple bodyslam and it's all over.
Now, let this marinate in your minds for a bit......